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Why We Are Better


We  Changed The Process 

 Easier  Faster  Better

The standard way to process and approve loans is like an abacus calculator, it’s not very fast.  We have changed the way it’s done. Our processing time is a small fraction of our competitors.  You get an easier experience and superfast closings.

Two weeks closing for purchase  &  One-week refinance is normal


Concierge Service

The improved speed allows your loan officer the time to give you the  service you deserve. Not every loan is easy, some are complex. We have the time to drill down and make it happen. First-time homebuyers receive the attention they need and learn what to expect.


Digital Processes

Electronically obtained income and assets save you time gathering and sending documents. In addition, we have encrypted secure methods of document receipt, ensuring your safety.


Close Online with a Virtual Notary

Each borrower can close from a different location with E-sign closing documents. The notary is online with Facetime or another online camera capable device.


We have years of experience to guide and advise accurately. In addition, we consult directly with underwriters to help approve your application. We close a high percentage of loan applications.  And we like the challenges, so if you were declined with another company call us and we will discuss what we can do to make it happen.


Available 7 Days a Week

Have a question?  Need a pre-approval letter fast when you found the perfect home?  We are available when you need us  7 days and evenings included.


Lock on Demand

Many lenders require an appraisal or approval to lock your rate. We lock at the time of application or when you are ready. No surprises later. Not to mention, we lock what we quote.

Track Your Progress

We provide email updates to all approved interested parties. Borrowers have access via an optional app to track progress and review conditions.


Final Approval and Closing the Same Day

We can receive final approval and have the closing documents ready to sign manually or e-sign the same day. Fast closings


Additional Benefits

  • No escrows & No waiver fee to 95% financing on conforming loans
  • Lower than market mortgage insurance premiums
  • Appraisals Waived on Some Properties
  • Jumbo Easy Close Program
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