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Pay Off  Mortgages Faster, It Is Easier Than You Think!

The shorter the term on your mortgage, the lower your mortgage rate. Did you know that you may be able to take advantage of today’s competitive rates by shortening the term of your loan? There are many options available that could potentially help you pay off your mortgage faster, lower you’re payment and could help you save money.

Refinancing Programs that can Reduce Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

15-Year Fixed
Pay thousands less in interest by locking in today!

15-Year FHA or VA Loan
For those with less equity in their home or who are looking to close with less money, the FHA loan is a perfect choice. Great rates and measurable savings may be available if you are a military member or veteran

Not sure which program is right for you? Contact one of our specialists today! CharterStone Mortgage can advise you on which mortgage refinancing program best meets your needs, and help you refinance quickly and without any headaches.

Paying Down the Principal Early

The mortgage payment is both principal and interest.  The interest in the payment is based on the previous month’s balance. The less the balance the less the interest in the payment.  The rule of thumb is with paying one PITI mortgage payment annually the towards principal will reduce the term to about 21 Years. Make two PITI payments towards principal annually and the term is reduced even further to approximately 17.5 years. Payment can be made all at once or monthly, the result is the same to pay off mortgages faster.

Working with CharterStone Mortgage

  • We put YOU first.

CharterStone Mortgage offers some of the most competitive rates.

  • Fast and efficient, we close most of our loans in 30 days or less.
  • We offer a variety of loans. CharterStone Mortgage can help you find the loan that is right for you.
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