Jumbo Home Loan Qualifications


A loan amount exceeding the conforming loan limit of  647,200 for a single-family home is a Jumbo loan. The limit is 710,700 for  Monroe County Florida.  Consequently, CharterStone Mortgage provides jumbo home loan programs with up to 96.5% financing.  Traditional banks and direct lenders tend to have stricter qualifications, including higher down payment requirements.  CharterStone Mortgage solves many of these restrictions with access to multiple jumbo loan programs. We find the program that fits your financial plans.  

Jumbo Loan Rates

Our rates beat most banks, and we close in 30 days or less.



CharterStone Mortgage has the Solution:


Standard Jumbo

Underwriting guidelines for a jumbo home loan can be quirky and surprise even the most qualified borrower. CharterStone Mortgage has jumbo loan programs with more accessible qualifications and fewer restrictions at hyper-competitive rates. 

Above all, the benefit of CharterStone Mortgage is our access to multiple jumbo loan programs. The options seamlessly match the loan application file to the best loan program for each unique borrower.


  • Multiple programs to fit your financial situation
  • Highly experienced Loan Advisor
  • Hyper-competitive rates
  • Fasts losings
  • Superior service and outstanding consumer experience

Alternate Jumbo

Alternate programs are designed for the borrower that does not fit the traditional jumbo home loan programs. Visit the alternate credit and income page for more options.

  • Lower credit Scores allowed 
  • Bank Statement as income programs 
  • Investment Options 

Programs are subject to change without notice. All applicants must meet underwriting guidelines from the lender that are subject to change without notice and must meet all Federal and State regulations. This information is not guaranteed to be accurate due to changing financial and economic environment.      


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