Down Payment Assistance

DPA Loan Program

Down payment Assistance Program is designed to provide down payment assistance of 2% of the purchase price to eligible borrowers. In addition, the program is a one step process with no third party to engage with. We make it easy. This grant can be used with FHA home loan and FHA renovation loans.

What are the Down Payment Assistance Qualifications?

  • DPA is a grant of 2% of the purchase price
  • Minimum qualifying credit score is 580 
  • May be combined with 6% seller concessions for closing costs
  • No restrictions on the borrower for resale
  • At least one borrower a first-time buyer 
  • Borrower must complete homebuyer education
  • Income can’t exceed 140% of the Median Income for the County 

There are many DPA programs. Call us today to find out what program is best for you. 


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